Over the years I have sought to cultivate a diverse set of design and development skills in order to be able to bring a variety of projects to life. I am a self taught computer programmer since ~2007, and I have a formal Design education from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia’s top design school and the 16th best in the world. My aim is to be a great overall designer; able to bring your projects to life both visually and technically.

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Some of the things I can do…

  • Game Development (In Unity, Unreal, Cocos2D, C++, C#, Objective-C or pretty much anything)
  • Game Art (2D and 3D, shaders, particle effects, etc.)
  • Game Design (Gameplay and Level Design, etc.)
  • Graphic Design (Logo Design, Poster Design, Business Cards, UI Design, etc.)
  • Website Design (Simple websites in WordPress or CSS/HTML)
  • 3D Modelling (for games, architecture, or any other purpose)
  • App & Software Development (iOS and Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Phone)

Is your idea not listed in any of these categories? The list above is just an example of the things I can do. If you need some design, photography, or software development work done, get in touch with me. I can tell you if I can do the work you need or refer you to some cool people who would be better suited for your idea.

Do you have a great idea?

If you have the next great idea, big or small, get in touch with me! I would love to work with you in bringing your idea to life. Through every stage, from conceptualisation to release, my aim is to work with you in order to achieve the best result for your project, whilst remaining cost effective and on budget. I always try to involve my clients in every single stage of the design and development process, ensuring that the finished work matches and exceeds your vision.

A typical project roadmap:

  1. First Contact: You provide me with the basic gist of your project, what you’re seeking to achieve, in what timeframe and budget.
  2. Project Visualisation: We work together to determine your requirements in some more details, what we can achieve in your project timeframe, and what your vision for the project is. We flesh out your project outline so I can determine what exactly is the work that needs to be done and how I can best deliver it to you.
  3. Project Outline: Once we have determined your exact requirements for your project, I then proceed to determine the best way to realise your vision and submit to you a project outline, specifying what sort of work I will be doing, what sort of timeframe can be expected for this work, and the cost (in $ AUD) of this work.
  4. Contract Signing: If you’re happy with the project outline and the costs involved, then we sign a contract and work on the project beings! If the project outline is not suitable then we can go back to step 2 to find something that better fits your requirements.
  5. Work on Project Target: During this stage, we work on achieving one of the many targets in the Project Outline. While I work on the project, I continually keep in touch in order to get feedback from you and ensure that the work produced still matches your overall vision.
  6. Refinement of Project Target: During this stage, we test and refine the work achieved on the previous stage in order to ensure everything is high quality and polished. As always, your feedback guides the evolution of the work to ensure it still matches your vision.
  7. Next Project Target: We go back to step 5 in order to work on the next Project Target. Once we have met all the Project Targets, we go on to Step 8.
  8. Project Refinement: At this stage, all of the Project Targets have been met and the overall Project is nearing completion. We then go on to refine the overall Project, as a whole, to ensure its quality and to align it as closely as posible with your vision.
  9. Testing: We thouroughly test the project in order to ensure it functions as intended.
  10. Release: Yay! Work on the project is complete.

Large Projects

I can also happily handle large projects. When a project gets too large for me to personally handle, I generally subcontract some of the work to other talented artists and assemble a cool team to work alongside me that will bring your idea to life. I can handle all the boring bits like team management, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your vision.

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Does everything here sound like a right fit for you? I’d love to get in touch with you in order to bring your idea to life. I can’t wait to see what you’ve envisioned.

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