Success at the Mac App Store… yet again!

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YPWMI... featured!

So… today I woke up to the news that Apple decided to feature You Probably Won’t Make It… a game on the Mac App Store, by Jesse Venbrux and published by Vetra Games! Although it’s more of an achievement for Jesse than for me, I’m still quite excited and humbled by being picked by Apple for this recognition!

YPWMI was featured before (as part of the “New and Noteworthy” App Store section), but this is the time it gets some front-page recognition… as part of a selection of handpicked titles… “The Best Games You’ve Never Played”. I have a feeling people are going to play a lot after this! :)

The Mac App Store front page
The Mac App Store front page

So, overall, it’s great to get some recognition from Apple! We have some awesome stuff in the pipes @ Vetra Games, and some of it is coming out really soon! Onwards to more success, I say! :)

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