My name is Uriel Griffin, and I am a designer and developer. My main passion is in videogame design and development, but from there I have branched out to other fields like general graphic design, website design and development, and software & app UX design and development.

I started out at the age of 13, teaching myself programming in what was then Mark Overmars’ Game Maker software. Being creative and making things has always been my passion, and I hope that can translate into making something awesome for you too!

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Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/ugriffin

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My Design



I am a big fan of using colour and light in my work. My personal design tends to lean towards saturated, clean and colourful design. I love neon stuff and anything cyberpunk and futuristic. I am not afraid of getting inspiration from unconventional sources like Mexican indigenous art or Japanese animation. In my spare time I like painting watercolours and doing artsy stuff.

My favourite medium is of course the video game. I am a big fan of the whole ‘video games as an art form’ thing which has been popularised by a growing wave of indie games, of which my favourites are Fez, Machinarium, and Botanicula. I strongly believe in making immersive, beautiful games that evoke strong reactions from the player. More importantly, I believe that making beautiful games and making fun games is not mutually exclusive.

I have designed and developed games as part of independent game developer Vetra Games since 2007; releasing games like You Still Won’t Make It, which was Greenlit by the Steam community in 2014. I have also developed games on a contract basis, like Directional, where I served as the lead programmer.